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We offer a wide range of products and services that are geared to meeting your insurance, long-term investment, and pension needs.

Our offerings will provide you with financial independence, peace of mind, the ideal quality of life and a secure financial future, where retirement is safe and relaxing. We also seek to ensure you maximise your assets and are adequately prepared for life's risks.

Insurance Plans


Creditor Life

Get Covered Against Your Debts

How will your debts, including outstanding balances on your credit cards, be repaid in the event of loss of job, critical illness or worse, death? Thanks to Creditor Life, you can protect yourself and family members from the burden of these obligations with Creditor Life.

Repayment of outstanding loan balances in the event of a customer’s death.

Assets pledged as collateral for loan facilities can be returned to the estates of borrowers for the use of their relatives.

No medical examination is required for loans up to $7.5 million.

No stamping charges, which are normally incurred on assignment of individual life insurance policies.



Max Coverage: Loans



Max Coverage: Credit Cards



Age Eligibility: Life Only Benefit



Age Eligitbility: Life & Critical Illness Benefit



Earn Tax Free returns on your savings and investments, plus
insurance and other benefits to help you make the most of every stage of life.

Interest compounded monthly at competitive rates to maximise your returns

Tax free returns on investments & savings.

Flexibility to add lump sum payments

Expert financial advice to help you realize your goals faster.

With Omni, you get up to:



Life Insurance Coverage



Hospitalization Benefits



Interest on Deposits



Accidental Death Benefit

Omni Educator

Plan today for your child's educaton tomorrow.

Omni Educator is a long term tax-free investment plan that allows parents to save for their children's tertiary education. It is the only education savings plan in Jamaica that pays a 35% tax-free grant on the eligible accumulated value .

Benefits payable for local or overseas study

Attractive, monthly compound interest rates

Structured & convenient investment plan

Interest rate on lump sum premium is guaranteed for one year

With Omni Educator, you get up to:



Life Insurance Coverage



Tax-Free Grant



Exclusive Scholarships



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Your difference between life and debt.

You can’t prevent a critical illness but you can prepare for it with NCBIC ProCare critical illness insurance plan. $5 Million coverage for up to nine major critical illnesses.

Critical Illnesses Covered - Heart Attack, Cancer, Stroke Major Burns, Paralysis, Blindness, Coma, Deafness, Loss of Speech

Ambulance Benefit - A one-time benefit, of $7,000 will be paid if an ambulance is used at the time of first diagnosis of a critical illness covered.

Death Benefit - A death benefit is paid if/when the insured dies without diagnosis of a critical illness. 

No Claim Benefit - In the absence of a claim, at the expiry date of the policy the life insured is paid a “No Claim” benefit, which is 100% of basic premiums.

Cost of healthcare in the event of a critical illness is high. A single cycle of physiotherapy can cost over 800,000. Get covered with ProCare critical illness plan so you will be able to afford the care needed.


Unexpected . Unpredictable.
Are you prepared?

ProVision is a personal accident plan that provides a payout in the event of death, diagnosis of terminal illness or if you suffer injury due to an accident.

Accidental Death Benefit of up to $7 million

Death Coverage of up to $4 million.

Terminal Illness Benefit of a percentage of the Death Coverage amount.

Accidental injury (e.g. loss of limb, finger, eyesight) of a percentage of the Death Coverage amount.

In-hospital Benefit of 10,000/day.

At expiry the policy may be surrendered for cash or you may choose to pay no more premium and remain covered for life

Make provisions for your family in case the unexpected happens with NCB ProVision .

Smart Retirement

Get SMART about your retirement

It is estimated that you will require 85% of your final salary to maintain a similar lifestyle during retirement. Now is the time to start saving towards your retirement with NCB SMART RETIREMENT PLAN.

Save up to 20% of your salary, with deductions going directly into your retirement account.

100% TAX FREE Investment Income and Lump Sum payments.

Returns 25% tax free cash lump sum on retirement.

Benefit from investment options to multiply your earnings; options such as SMART Balanced Fund, Smart Fixed Income.

A guaranteed lifetime income Accumulated value payable on death prior to retirement, in the event of disability your pension becomes payable immediately.

The longer you save the more you will accumulate and the larger your monthly income during retirement. Now is the time to start so you can have Secure Money at Retirement.

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